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What are Vertical Blinds?

December 23, 2020

Vertical Blinds

What are Vertical Blinds?

As the name implies, vertical blinds are window coverings that feature strips of fabric or other material that run vertically, side-by-side.  Generally speaking, these lengths of material (also known as slats) are attached to a track along the top of your window and are opened and closed with a plastic rod and or chain.  The slats are usually weighted at the bottom which ensures they remain parallel whether the blinds are open or closed.  Additionally, extra stability is created as the slats are connected with a chain that runs along the bottom of the blinds.

The design of vertical blinds is newer than horizontal blinds, but they offer many of the same features.  Because the slats can be rotated, vertical blinds allow for exceptional light control.  Additionally, much like curtains or drapes, vertical blinds can be drawn open or closed to allow for more or less privacy.  Unlike alternative window coverings such as horizontal blinds or roller blinds, vertical blinds are well-suited for large windows, patio doors, and tall windows without compromising light or privacy control.

For sloped or pitched windows, vertical blinds also work well because the lengths of the slats can be tailored to accommodate various angles.  They make an attractive window covering for these kinds of windows that also highlight the style of the window.  Plus, vertical blinds provide a contemporary style that matches well with clean and sophisticated design choices.  The simple design of vertical blinds is such that they enhance the features of a window and likewise the style of a room without distracting the eye.

Fortunately, vertical blinds are also easy to maintain.  For most vertical blinds, a quick wipe with a damp cloth once very few weeks is enough regular maintenance to keep them looking great and functioning well.  On the other hand, the construction of horizontal blinds makes them a little more challenging to clean as they can trap dust more easily.  Even when vertical blinds require a deeper clean, they can usually easily be removed to allow the track and the slats to be more thoroughly cleaned.

Finally, another benefit of vertical blinds is that they are available in a wide range of materials and to suit many functions.  For example, blackout vertical blinds are made from materials that provide total privacy and light blockage.  These are excellent for bedrooms or other spaces where privacy and light control are of paramount importance.  Additionally, vertical blinds are made from a range of fabrics and other materials so you can find a wide variety of colours and patterns to suit your personal style preferences.  When it comes to versatile window coverings, there are few options that compare with vertical window blinds.