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What are Honeycomb Blinds?

January 18, 2021

Honeycomb Blinds Vancouver

Window coverings range from drapes and curtains to a variety of styles of blinds.  Depending on your style preferences, budget, and functional needs, there are many different window treatments that may be suitable for your windows.  When it comes to blinds, you are probably familiar with traditional styles such as vertical and horizontal blinds; but, there are other variations of these popular window treatments as well.  For example, honeycomb blinds are an increasingly popular window treatment that fit well in many rooms and decors.  So then, what are honeycomb blinds and what are their advantages?

Sometimes called cellular shades, honeycomb blinds are named as such because of the way they are made.  Their structure looks something like a honeycomb when you are looking at them from the side.  Multiple cells are combined, either in single or double layers, to ensure exceptional privacy and insulation for your home’s windows.  Also, because honeycomb blinds are available in a wide range of colours and textures, they are versatile enough to meet your unique privacy and style needs.

Advantages of Honeycomb Blinds

Some of the main benefits of honeycomb blinds relate to functional properties including insulation, privacy, and noise control.  Additionally, honeycomb blinds offer these advantages while maintaining a low profile – they are lightweight and not bulky so they make for a sleek and attractive window treatment.

  • Insulation – Honeycomb blinds help to improve temperature control in both hot and cold weather. The added energy efficiency of honeycomb blinds make them a great choice for folks who are environmentally and budget conscious.  Indeed, because honeycomb blinds are constructed of multiple layers of cells, they better prevent heat loss in the winter while conserving cooler air in the summer.  As such, they can have a significant impact on your energy bills as well.
  • Privacy – In addition to their energy saving properties, honeycomb blinds are a preferred choice when privacy is your priority. Depending on the material they are made from, honeycomb blinds can provide complete blackout properties; but even if you want some light transfer, you’ll still get great privacy as there is no space between the layers of honeycomb blinds.  However, when you want to open up your windows, you can simply draw your blinds open like vertical, horizontal, and other traditional styles of blinds.
  • Noise control – Once again, because of the cellular shape of each layer of blinds, honeycomb blinds are excellent for noise control. They can block out street and traffic noise so you maintain a more peaceful interior environment.
  • Profile – Finally, despite offering all these functional advantages, honeycomb blinds are slim and light-weight so they will fit easily in any window frame. And, because they are not heavy, they are easy to raise and lower.