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How to Choose Drapes for a Bedroom

December 23, 2022

drapes for a bedroom

How to choose drapes for a bedroom

Choosing window coverings for your bedroom can be different than planning for other rooms in your home. This is because, in a bedroom, light management can be more important than it is in other rooms. When we are sleeping, one of the factors that signals our brain that it is time to wake up, is when the amount of light in the bedroom increases. Therefore, choosing drapes that don’t manage light properly for your needs, can cause you to sleep more poorly. You might struggle to fall asleep at all, or find that you wake up easily in the night, or wake up earlier than you want. Indeed, what do you need to consider when you choose drapes for a bedroom?

Drapes and other window coverings do several jobs in a room. Window coverings help manage light levels, keep rooms warm or cool, give you privacy, and contribute to the room’s decorative theme. When you choose window treatments for your bedroom, you will want to keep all these jobs in mind. Let’s review each one.

1. Light levels.

Drapes and window coverings help you manage light in your living space. As we said before, this is extra important in a bedroom, to help you get restful sleep. First of all, assess light pollution in your bedroom. At night, is there lots of light coming in from street lights, car headlights, or nearby buildings? If so, you may want to get light-blocking window treatments like lined drapes, blackout curtains, or blinds. These are also helpful if the sun wakes you up early in the morning. However, if you live in an area with no light pollution, you may not need such heavy drapes and covers.

2. Privacy.

If you have a bedroom that is in the line of sight of a street or other buildings, you may want window coverings that let in natural light during the day while also giving you privacy. Sheer curtains, Venetian blinds, and perforated blinds can let light in while keeping eyes out. These can be pairs with lined drapes and blackout curtains to manage light levels, too.

3. Insulation.

People often underestimate how good drapes and blinds are at keeping rooms warm or cool. If you have old drafty windows, thick drapes can help insulate your room, by trapping a layer of air between the fabric and the window. Furthermore, if you have a south-facing room, even opaque blinds can help you stay cool by keeping the sun out.

4. Style.

Last but not least, your choice of drapes helps make your bedroom feel cozy and personal. This is your most private space, and you should feel comfortable in it. Therefore, many people choose luxurious fabrics like velvet for their bedroom drapes. This can help you feel like you are sleeping in total luxury.

Make your bedroom into your sanctuary, and get a good night’s sleep, by choosing drapes that really meet your needs.