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Everything you need to Know about Roman Shade Blinds

December 22, 2021

Roman Shade Blinds Vancouver

Everything you need to Know about Roman Shade Blinds

The varieties of window coverings available today can be mind boggling.  When you narrow it down to the number of different types of blinds available, the options are still impressive.  What’s more surprising still is the variety of roman shade blinds that can be installed on your windows.  If you’re shopping for new window treatments, you may be asking yourself ‘what are roman shade blinds?’  And you may also want to know more about the different types of roman shades from which to choose.  Let’s start with the basics and then dig a little deeper.

What are Roman Shades Blinds?

In basic terms, roman shades are window coverings constructed from soft fabrics.  Roman shades hang such that they create a flat window treatment when they are in the extended position but fold neatly into horizontal segments when they are retracted.  Roman shades are easy to operate and create a simple, sophisticated, and contemporary covering for your windows.  Horizontal folds of roman shades are even and uniform and therefore represent a very clean and crisp aesthetic.

Interestingly, roman shades essentially date back to the Roman era.  Outdoor arenas such as the Coliseum and even private homes utilized fabric coverings to block the glare of the sun.  These coverings were not the same as modern roman shades, but they utilized string and pulley systems to extend and retract the covering very much like today’s roman shades.  As such, contemporary roman shades borrowed their name from these early “window” treatments.

What are the Main Types of Roman Shades?

There are essentially two types of roman shades: flat and teardrop roman shades.

Made from a single, continuous length of fabric, flat roman shades hang flat when they are extended.  Each horizontal section is supported by bars that add rigidity to the shade.  Sturdy in design, flat roman shades provide a tailored appeal, but since they are made from soft fabrics they can be luxurious and elegant as well.  Flat roman shades have a slim profile making them a great addition to French doors or windows with a narrow ledge.

Teardrop roman shades are also known as soft fold, hobbled, or looped roman shades.  These shades appear to have loose folds as if they are rippling along your window.  Somewhat less structured than flat roman shades, teardrop roman shades bring depth to the design of a room.  Additionally, these roman shades have permanent folds that are maintained whether the shade is extended or retracted.  These shades are a great match for more formal spaces, but can easily be adapted to the aesthetic of any room.

Now that you know a little more about roman shades, you can start looking for the perfect fit for your home.  Remember, like many window coverings, roman shades are available in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and materials.  Let your imagination run wild!