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Blinds Vancouver

March 26, 2020

vancouver blinds

Blinds are probably the most common window treatment in homes today.  Regardless of your lighting or privacy requirements, blinds can accommodate you needs in any room of the house – kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. 

At Arlene’s Interiors, we can help you choose the right window treatments for any space, and our team of professional designers is highly knowledgeable about window blinds including the variety of styles and materials that make up these common, contemporary window treatments.

Choosing the right blinds for your home can be a difficult task.  You not only need to consider functional implications of the blinds you choose, but also your personal style.  Are you looking for a traditional window treatment or are you more contemporary in your design choices?  Perhaps you land somewhere in the middle of the design spectrum – but no matter your personal preferences, there are certainly blinds that can beautifully and practically provide you with the right fit for your home or room.

Our team at Arlene’s Interiors has been serving the Metro Vancouver region for more than three decades.  We work closely with some of the most respected professional decorators in the area and provide a wide range of custom window blinds that serve the unique needs of our clients.  Our blinds are available in almost any style or material you can imagine, and we pride ourselves on offering an incredible selection of custom window treatments because it means we can help our customers find the right fit and the right function for their window treatments.

So, what do you need to know about window blinds?  First, it’s important to understand that blinds come in a variety of styles.  At Arlene’s Interiors, we offer blind styles such as honeycomb, shades, sheers, and shutters as well as vertical and horizontal blind designs.  Depending on your lighting or privacy needs, you’ll find that different styles of blinds offer different benefits.  Indeed, even within categories of blind styles, you’ll find a range of attractive options that meet your unique needs.

Additionally, blinds can be constructed from many different materials and built to accommodate any window type.  Even for custom windows with unique shapes, we’re sure to help you find the right blinds at Arlene’s Interiors.  So whether you are looking for a particular material such as fabric, wood, or vinyl, or you want window treatments for a particular window type such as arched windows, bay windows, or French doors, Arlene’s interiors is dedicated to delivering on your unique window treatment goals.

Blinds from Arlene’s Interiors are constructed to provide optimal quality and aesthetic appeal.  We know that the perfect blinds can elevate the design of any room while also giving you optimal control over lighting and privacy.  Contact us today to learn more about how window blinds can transform your home.