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Blinds Installation Cost

October 20, 2022

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Blinds installation cost

While curtains and drapes may offer more visual appeal in many rooms, blinds are an excellent all-purpose window covering that can stand alone or be paired with curtains to improve your home’s insulation, light-proofing, and privacy. However it can be challenging to understand how much it may cost to install blinds in your home. A good average to start your estimate from, is to expect to pay $5-$15 per square foot for the blinds themselves, with installation costs extra. For labour, it should take a contractor a few hours to install blinds in your whole house. However, this cost can vary a lot depending in the features you choose, and it’s not a bad idea to get a quote from a company that specializes in window coverings so you get a sense of the overall cost. Let’s talk about some of the options available to you for blinds and how they can impact your budget.

DIY or professional installation?

While blinds installation can be a simple DIY project, there are some good reasons to consider having a professional install your blinds for you. First, a professional will be able to install the blinds much faster than you, and can get all your windows done at once. We all know the struggle of chipping away at a home improvement project in your evenings and weekends for days or weeks! Second, you will have a workmanship guarantee: if you have any problems with your blinds or the installation, you can request a warranty repair. And finally, you can have your old window coverings removed at the same time and safe yourself a trip to the landfill.

Pre-made or custom blinds?

If all of your windows are a standard size, you should have little trouble buying premade blinds. However, if you have non-standard windows, such as in an older character home, you may not get the functional and aesthetic results you want unless you get custom blinds made, in which case it may be worth your while to bundle in the installation labour costs as well.

What materials and upgrades do you want?

The most frugal choices for blinds are simple roller, venetian, or vertical blinds. They are durable, cheap, and easy to install and use. If you want fancier options, such as linen pleated blinds, your costs will increase accordingly. Be aware that some types of blinds will also increase your installation costs, for example motorized blinds that need to be connected to power.

Cheap isn’t always cheap.

Blinds get more wear-and-tear than many other objects in your home. Buying the cheapest blinds you can afford may mean you pay more in the long run to replace them, as they will break or wear out faster. Also be mindful of putting appropriate materials in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, where your window coverings will be exposed to heat and moisture.

Window coverings have a big visual and functional impact on your home. Hopefully this article will help you consider some of the costs and options as you choose your new blinds.